About Commissioning

Commissioning is a systematic quality oriented process that documents and verifies an owner's project requirements are achieved throughout the design, construction, and occupancy of a facility.  The industry standard for the commissioning process was developed and is maintained by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).  See ASHRAE Guideline 0 "The Commissioning Process" at this link.  Other standards, developed by technician based organizations instead of engineering based ASHRAE, should be avoided.
Every task in the commissioning process is meant to limit risk to the owner and may include some or all of the following by project phase:




  • Develop owner's project requirements (OPR)
  • Assist in documenting basis of design against OPR
  • Assist in pre-bid
  • Identify scope and budget for commissioning
  • Commissioning plan for remaining phases
  • Lead commissioning team.  Meetings, tasks, scope.
  • Commissioning plan
  • Develop commissioning specifications for contract docs
  • Submittal review against OPR
  • Engineering design review against OPR
  • Develop pre-functional checksheets
  • Develop functional performance test procedures and documentation
  • Direct commissioning tests and document results
  • Review training and systems manual for completeness