Construction Phase 1

Assist in Pre-Bid/ Bid Review

By assisting in the pre-bid and bid review process, the commissioning authority can answer bidder/ contractor questions about their roles and responsibilities as well as the general process.  By eliminating confusion about commissioning early in the project, scope related change orders and schedule delays can be avoided.
When the bids are received, the commissioning authority reviews them to verify the scope and effort proposed by the contractor meets the specifications and commissioning plan.  Any exceptions or exclusions in the contractor's bid will be reviewed and confirmed as accurately reflecting the design documents. 

Lead Commissioning Team

Throughout the project and especially in the construction phase, the commissioning authorities role is to lead the commissioning team which is comprised of representatives from all stakeholders in the project.  This can include any or all of the following:
  • Facility Owner
  • Facility users/ tenants
  • Architect
  • Engineers
  • Contractor/ Construction Manager
  • Sub-contractors
  • Vendors

Submittal Review

Submittal review by the commissioning authority is to verify the equipment, systems and materials meet the owner's project requirements and the design documents.  If the commissioning authority was closely involved in design review then verifying the submittal against the design documents may be sufficient.  Similar to all other commissioning activities, the level of effort and depth of scope for the submittal review process will be determined by the owner's tolerance for risk as dicated by the final budget for commissioning.  The exact scope and effort will be detailed in the commissioning plan. 

Create Pre-functional Checksheet Templates

Pre-functional checksheets are forms for documenting the following items and SAMPLE sub-items.
  • Complete Documentation Submitted
    • Submittals
    • O&M Data
    • Certificates
    • Factory/ Specification Tests
  • Nameplate Data
    • Make/ Model
    • Capacity
    • Electrical Data
  • Proper installation
    • Clearances
    • Methods of securing
    • Shipping Items removed
    • Specification installation requirements
    • Manufacturer installation requirements
    • Compliant with code requirements
  • Operational Checks
    • Motor/ equipment turns correct direction
    • Stable operation (no excess vibration or noise)
    • Flows commodity (air, water, electricity)
Pre-functional checksheets are typically at the equipment level and not the system level.  For example, checksheets will be for individual chillers and pumps but not necessarily for the chilled water system as a whole.  This lower level of checks focuses on the equipment while the functional/ performance tests later in the process will verify at the system level. 
Every checksheet will need to be customized to the actual equipment submitted and approved which may differ from the basis of design in the design documents assuming it meets the owner's project requirements.  The following are potential sources of checks for the form:
  • Design drawings (schedules
  • Specifications
  • Submittals
  • Equipment installation, operation and maintenance manuals
  • Manufacturer Start-up forms